Language Services When you Need Them
On-Demand Interpretation
On-Demand Translation
Multilingual Intake
Cancelled appointments, travel costs, and schedule conflicts make language interpretation a difficult but important necessity in serving non-English speakers. Lexikeet Language Services can eliminate all those headaches with an easy and instant solution:

On-Demand Language Interpretation

With Lexikeet’s On-demand language interpretation software/technology, just choose your language and click a button, and you can instantly contact an interpreter on any Windows, Mac or Linux-based computer or tablet.

With Lexikeet’s On-Demand Interpretation:

  • No more long waits during an emergency or unexpected office visit! You will be connected to a trained, friendly interpreter within seconds.
  • No travel time and no travel costs required.
  • No more scheduling conflicts.
  • Pay only for the time you use, saving you money on short meetings and last-minute cancellations.
  • Give back to your community by receiving interpretation services from non-profit networks. Many of our partnered interpreters are immigrants and refugees as well!
  • Our interpretation partners maintain HIPAA compliance.

Easy Multilingual Intake

Keeping paper copies of your forms in all your needed languages can be a logistical challenge. There are also many legal risks that come from having clients with low English literacy fill out forms that they can't fully understand. Lexikeet's Multilingual Intake Tablets can help!

With Lexikeet’s Streamlined Intake Process

  • Save money on live interpretation.
  • A fully customized user interface to meet all of your specific intake needs.
  • Questions and answers are fully voiced and translated in languages of your choice, to meet the needs of both literate and low-literacy clients.
  • Makes the intake process quicker and more efficient for both native and non-English speakers.
  • Empowers your clients with a full understanding of what they're signing up for.
  • Responses are returned to your staff in simple English reports that can closely match your existing forms.
  • Can be integrated online into pre-existing intake systems (for an additional fee).
  • Builds bridges between clients and staff.
  • Integrates completely with Lexikeet's on-demand interpreter system so that intake can be followed up with live communication to confirm or clarify any concerns.

Translation Made Simple

Obtaining document translation can be an expensive and extremely time-consuming activity. While technology has given us ways to improve our language access, it has also created legal expectations that non-native English speakers deserve more than running medical documents through free services like Google Translate.

With Lexikeet, You Get Accurate Translations in 3 Simple Steps:

Type in or upload text to be translated.
Select your options and submit the job.
Receive your accurate translation.

Additional Features:

  • All translation jobs can be submitted and received in our portal. No required phone calls, no emails, no surprises!
  • Ensure an exceptionally accurate translation with proofreading options.
  • Save your commonly-used forms and documents as templates, saving you money over time on documents in which only additions and small changes are made.
  • Professional document formatting ensures a best match of any translated document to its intended layout.
  • Lightning fast returns on simple translation requests.
  • Our translation partners maintain HIPAA compliance.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your organization better meet the needs of your clients!